[She] May be a hundred different things

Switzerland is a very conservative place. However, it is also very modern, international, open minded. The culture of perfection and comfort leads its inhabitants to be aware of the current problems and to propose solutions to address them. At least some.

Concerning gender issue, Switzerland is far behind its neighbours. However, the steps to push forward equality are Atlantean. I particularly applaud the last project title set by ETH Zürich on the new curriculum in Materials science: “The Material Scientist in 2030, who is she?” (*).

Since during my studies at ETH I always got emails from companies I inquired for purchasing scientific equipment that started with “Sehr geehrter Herr”, “Dear Mr.”, I will from now on always refer as a “she” when writing about a scientist.

It is a good exercise of the mind for both the reader, and the writer (!).

(*) http://occamstypewriter.org/irregulars/2017/06/14/the-materials-scientist-in-2030-who-is-she/