Voyage, voyage

More than 2 years traveling around in Asia, summary in (very) short:

I was quite surprised by the “colonial” architecture and how some places felt more French than France,

Hanoi, Vietnam

Or British.

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Or Portuguese.

Macao, China

I realised that Myazaki’s Japan is not exactly quite like the reality,

Tokyo, Japan

but sometimes is.

Kyoto, Japan

That Taïwan is clearly underrated and unknown.

Taipei, Taïwan

And even in overpopulated cities like Hong Kong, it is possible to find deserted and quiet places.

Hong-Kong, China

That air pollution is really a problem.

The grey sky over Macao, China.

That the Korean culture was more than unknown to me (but I want to know more!).

Daejeon, South Korea
Seoul, South Korea

That not so long ago, it was looking quite different.

Fishing village, Hong-Kong, China

That it is indeed not common to see Pandas.

Tokyo, Japan

That some places (many!) really look like perfect holiday postcards.

The UNESCO did a great job at referencing impressive cultural heritage.

Ha Long bay, Vietnam
Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

That wherever you go, the moon is huuuge at night.

Taipei, Taïwan