Tales of the lab 37: Friday evening

You are a PhD student (or any other student), it is Friday evening and you are feeling stressed? No need lah:

  1. Get organised. put in your Google calendar: Friday evening = relax. (I used to put “laundry”-, cannot really not do it, can I?- but any other activity works)
  2. Switch off! (classic French song from the 90s)
  3. Take some camomile or relaxing tea. Seriously, not joking, phytotherapy can be very efficient.
  4. Plan when you get stressed. For example, Saturday 10 to 12 = plan next experiments, writing, answering emails, etc.
  5. Remember that after all, as a postgrad student, if you are stressed it means also that you are the drive for new things and that people expect from you!
  6. Make a list of what you did this week, this month, this year. Surely this is a long list: something to feel proud of! Think of what you could do to extend the list.
  7. Do good to others: thank your friends, colleagues, friends, family, unseen cleaning lady or bus driver. Recall that many in this world, and not so far, others might be less lucky than you!
  8. Recall what made you feel happy a good 10 years ago? After all, we the same all our lives (another French song).
  9. Talk to someone: a close ear, or a professional (at least, it is their job to listen to  you  and make you feel better 😉 !)