S… like Switzerland and Singapore

« Singapore and Switzerland are two countries far apart, but with a lot of similarities”, introduced Fabrice Filliez, the Ambassador of Switzerland in Singapore. Indeed, there are many common adjectives between the two countries: small, central, diverse, clean, hi-tech, independent, etc. For the yearly Art Week in Singapore, a Swiss-Singaporean  buffet with Swiss wine welcomed the vernissage of the exhibit “Tomorrow is an island, an inland, a sin land” at the ADM (School of Art Design Media) Gallery located on NTU (Nanyang Technological University) campus.

This exhibit features contemporary artworks from Singapore and Switzerland to foster  imagination and critical thinking about exchanges between the two countries, and their futures.

As a neophyte art appreciator, what was striking was the mixture of novel and “older” media, such as “Vinyl texts on wall” by Damian Christinger, and the mixture of Nature and Technology, such as the feathery sculptures by Weixin Chong, at the crossing between animal forms and human fashion clothing.

To give life to inanimate artworks, a performance by Nicole Bachman used dance and sounds to “embody vocabulary”. Beyond my will, I was suddenly transported to aboriginal societies, where humans talk Nature and its language and  can communicate with plants  and animals: humans as a society, but also humans as one species in the animal kingdom.

And there was more to see, like the mandala-like map of Singapore, where I still need to find out the position of my apartment.