Ocean optimism: biodiversity, science and photography

It is not a new thing to use art to raise awareness of global issue to a large public. Nowadays, scientific topics are using this media more and more, see for example the extensive and unique creations of Symbiotic A (a unique “art-science” research lab) or the beautiful cover images of Beata Mierzwa (read publication there).

Science, global warming and marine biodiversity are intimately linked, and with direct future impacts on our economy, and the jobs and lives of many of us.

To raise awareness and sensitize any of us to this issue, Teresa Love paired with photographer Jessica Ling Findley to combine glamorous portraits within marine ecosystems protection.

One emblematic animal:  the octopus. Indeed, octopi (?) fascinate by their ability to camouflage, squeeze through tiny orifices, reach gigantic sizes, live long lives, for their intelligence, etc.

The portraits, displayed as an open-air gallery at the Seaport Village in San Diego, California, USA, first attract the eye by the  unusually orange on people’ head, giving the pictures a comical aspect. Then, curiosity arises through details of ocean biodiversity, and the challenges it is currently facing.

The collection is part of the “Ocean optimism” initiative.