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Themes: Ceramics, Painting, Materials, Nature, Ethics, Philosophy, Science

About the blog: This amateur blog is primarily a playground for popular science writing and creative writing. It aims at explaining published scientific papers, at sharing some insights of scientific research in a laboratory, but also at linking art and science in particular in pottery making. I also take the opportunity of this blog to share thoughts and reflexions relative to science, focusing on the place of women, ethics and safety.

Being not a native english speaker, I apologise in advance for grammar mistakes or inconsistencies. I chose to write in English because scientific terms are easier to share in English. It is also the langage mostly used in scientific communities and the one I have been using mostly in the past 6 years.

About me: I am very passionate about science, arts, and any form of culture and believe that each day should pass leaving a new piece of knowledge in your mind, as little as it can be (from the bus schedule, to a new equation, passing by a new person or a new light). My scientific background is primary in materials science and from a variety of instituted. I also practiced all form of arts to various levels, with more extended pratice in ceramics, martial arts, and baroque recorder.

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“The first essential in chemistry is that thou should perform practical work and conduct experiments, for he who performs not practical work nor makes experiments will never attain to the least degree of mastery.”

Jābir ibn Hayyān (c.721 – c.815)